Portfolio Value Update - June 2023

Portfolio Value
Another month behind us and it’s time to report the June update. In June, my portfolio value increased by $992 from $151,634 to $152,626. The markets were volatile, but the last week of June played out in my favour, helping my portfolio to lock in some gains.

Dividends received in June 2023: $705.70
Dividends received in June 2022: $618.36
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $87.34 or 14%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $4,106.31

June was a great month for passive income. I broke a new record by earning over $700 in dividends. Finally a new milestone that I’ve been waiting for a while.

Bought 5 shares of THE NORTH WEST (NWC.TO) for $31.76 per share
Bought 55 shares of DIVERSIFIED ROYALTY CORP (DIV.TO) for $2.78 per share
Bought 7 shares of SMART REIT (SRU.UN.TO) for $23.78 per share
Bought 6 shares of TELUS (T.TO) for $25.34 per share

In June I did a few small transactions. My TFSA account is maxed out so I simply reinvested the dividends.

Ads Revenue
In June, I collected $295.13 in adsense revenue from my YouTube channel.

June 2023 YouTube Stats:
  • Added 400 New Subscribers
  • $295.13 Revenue
  • Daily Average $9.83


June 2023 Summary
Portfolio Value: $152,626
Dividend Income: $705.70
AdSense Income: $295.13
Combined Income (excluding day job): $1,000.83

That’s it for June update! Let me know what you think of my progress. Feel free to share your progress in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and until next month!


  1. Hey German! Long time fan here. What trading platform are you using that you are able to make small trades like that? I am with RBC and they charge $10 per trade, which these days seems like a total ripoff as I have heard that other ones have smaller fees.

    1. Hi there! I use Disnat. It's a popular broker in Quebec. The transactions are free. That's why I'm able to make small trades.